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Kubota Inner and Outer Tie Rod Rubber Boot Kit Upgraded Style BX GR

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Are you frustrated with your BX tie rod boots cracking and tearing? ... This kit will replace the fragile OEM boots with a thick UV resistant polyurethane boots that will stand up to rugged use for many years. These boots allow flex while still sealing in grease, these kits are designed to last with UV protected components, and STAINLESS STEEL pins to prevent rust and prolong the life of the upgrade. Easy to follow instructions are included. Be sure to check out our pressure boost kits as well if your tractor needs more lifting/digging power! No Tie-rods are included in this are purchasing a KIT to upgrade the rubber boots only... Thanks for looking! This kit will work on most BX models such as: BX 30, 50, 60, 70, 24, , BX1850, BX1870, BX1880, BX2200, BX2350, BX2360, BX2370, BX2380, BX24, BX25D, BX 23s, BX2670, BX2680 , BX1870-1, BX25DLB, BX25DLB-1, BX2670, BX2670-1, GR2020G, GR2020G-2, GR2020GB-2, GR2120 (with Turf tires), GR2120-2, GR2120B-2 and the 2580 series gr mower