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Jailbreak Your Tractor

WNG Brands Suspension Trainer Wall & Ceiling Mount Set Heavy-Duty Anchor Bracket for Olympic Gymnastics Rings, Yoga Swing & Hammock, Punching Bag & Battle Ropes Cold Rolled Steel Hook (Set)

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  • Weight Limit Determined by Mounting Location - Uniquely designed steel plate & X-Mount for all types suspension trainer can help you perform exercises with confidence and security. The heavy duty screws allow you to easily install to a wall, vertical stud or secure to overhead beam. The only thing you need to be concerned with is that your installation place safely supports the intended weight.
  • Enjoy Your Training Period-Fit body and enhance the physical strength with your spouse, friends, boy/girl friend with the Pebble Canyon wall mount as found in gyms. Workout anywhere indoors or outdoors with our durable and fully guarded wall anchor! Suitable for use with all brands and types - Body Weight Tool, Resistance Bands, Yoga Swings, Aerial Yoga, Hammocks, Boxing Equipment, Battle and Gymnastic Rings.
  • Specification-Each includes fitting instructions & 2 different sets of screws to choose from (Expansion Bolt is recommended for use on concrete and screws are recommended for use on wood). Diameter of the Plate : 4.5 inches, Weight Capacity: 800lbs.



We do recommend buying some higher quality lag bolts to use for installing, there have reports of the included bolts breaking when being torqued down.